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BTL activities are increasing as experience-driven marketing solutions come into play, and they help you get valuable feedback from your customers that help you improve your products and services. BTL Activities organized by JKM Alliance use out-of-the-box activities to attract and attract more people to your brand.

We at JKM Alliance help you with Sampling and Test Generation as they are one of the best measures of BTL marketing, because they introduce your brand to your audience. Sampling is so important because it gives the public a taste of your product and allows you to try it out and get a response from them

Brand activations are among the different types of BTL activities and are considered the best BTL marketing activities, for example, because they lay the foundation for your brand – the relationship with the consumer.

Our Advertising strategy at JKM Alliance involves marketing activities that are memorable and very specific because they target the consumer group. It consists of Marketing Activities that have a wide reach and are not targeted at a particular group.

BTL marketing activities enable you’re brands to build relationships with their customers, which later lead to loyalty and an increase in sales and leads. BTL activities are two – interactions that improve the customer – brand relationships that they build. BTL Activities are carried out to ensure that particularly targeted customers increase brand awareness in order to increase sales.

BTL campaigns can be woven with a lot of creativity and innovation which at JKM Alliance is specially personalized designed as per your needs.   

 As technology is being invented faster and faster, these marketing activities can use ATL, BTL and advertising activities to promote sustainable growth of your business. Speed up your marketing game with ATL and B TL activities by combining our Digital Marketing services with the BTL Activities. 

 We at JKM Alliance have more than 15 years of experience in organizing BTL Activities that will help your brand reach greater heights and adopt services with the highest precision.


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Carpet Bombing

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Road Show

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Demo Van


Nukkad Natak


RWA Activities


Newspaper Insert




Health Camp


Fun Based Activities

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Sanitization Services


Trader – Industrial Association Activities


Door to Door Activities


Look walker / LED Backpack / Human Banner