JKM Alliance

Our team at JKM Alliance has decades of experience in managing ground BTL campaigns. Adapting ourselves to the future of marketing, we have integrated Digital Maketing in our forte.

Through our rich marketing experience, creating online engagement campaigns further enhanced our skillset. We at JKM Alliance are able to conceptualize campaigns ideas which are used by clients for lead generation, awareness, brand recall, customer contests and promotion.

Our concepts have been able to generate website traffic, increase likes, view’s, encourage multiple sharing of posts. Selecting high quality, relevant keywords during our campaigns have helped our clients reach their target customers.

At JKM Alliance we are able to identify the latest trends and technologies affecting different sectors. We at JKM Alliance also have the capability to create concept creatives and videos for social media placements as well as provide on-ground support to running Digital Marketing Campaigns, as well as manage all setup and giveaways.


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Content Marketing


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