JKM Alliance

In today’s business scenario, where the consumer demands are ever-escalating and the need of the hour is for better, faster, more economical solutions, JKM Alliance fills the gap.
There’s a huge gap in the domain knowledge of “implementation of sales practices”, this is where JKM Alliance comes into play.
Most of the corporate especially in the SME segment struggle with their sales since
they cannot afford to have professional sales set up-hence the apparent need for outsourcing to professions at a variable cost.
Large corporate would also need to shift from nuances of handling everything In-house with high fixed cost-need for outsourcing.
There exists lot of companies specializing in marketing consultation but very few who specialize in sales consultation domain-and that too the implementation part, this is where we intend to create a niche.

We help you understand the relationship between marketing activity, consumer interest and customer satisfaction. Management of Sales Lead and follow-ups. From product push to product pull. Expert’s advice & Key Opinion of Professionals. Having a strong data base of around 1500 Professionals. Nation-wide coverage, knowledge of local area, adoption of right technology.

We can take care of any kind of activity which would help in increasing sales, starting with-Hire right-hiring the right candidate, Hand Hold-Grooming for the role, monitoring and tracking performance with constant feedback mechanism, helping in putting strategy into implementation , Operational risks-sales audit, Brand pull-marketing activities, Outsource-pay roll management.

Our Role

1. Placement Services.
2. Managing Data Base of Staff
3. Reference Checks/Verification
4. Pre-employment screening
5. Performance Management and appraisal
6. Maintaining complete records of staff
7. Sales audit.
8. Employee Training:
   A).Pre job training – Trained on the Product, Service, Process and Client handling.
   B).On the Job Training – Query Resolution – Product, Service and Hands on Process Training under a Supervisor